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Getting our lives back!

If you've ever had surgery, you know the feeling. You start counting backwards... "10..., 9..., 8...," and then the next thing you know, it's over. You open your eyes - even though you don't remember shutting them - and all your befuddled brain can think is, "Wait... what? What just happened?" That was 2019 for us. The ball started dropping last New Year's Eve (10..., 9..., 8...) and the rest is a hazy blur.

To be fair, we had a couple of fabulous trips that pulled us out of the ether for brief periods of brilliant lucidity. We spent two luxurious weeks in Mexico with a couple of good friends early in the year, and then had the trip of a lifetime in Peru at the beginning of summer. They were real and unforgettable. But the rest of the year? Just filler.

We worked way too much (6/7 days a week), and when we weren't working, we were chilling... pretty much just binge-watching our favorite shows at night. On rare occasions, we went out to dinner or a movie, or to meet up with friends; but we never did anything out of our routine - like go to a show, a museum, or a concert. We just slipped through the fog, night by night, week by week, month by month.

It wasn't until last week, over the Christmas holiday, when we made plans for three consecutive nights with three different sets of friends / family members, that we realized we can still do fun things in spite of our busy work schedules. As long as we plan for it, we'll do it! It's just a matter of committing.

So this year, after a year of drifting, we vow to get our lives back! We will make plans each week to have a 'date night' - something different, something new, something outside of our daily routine. We'll share new experiences with each other, and post them on this blog to keep us on track. We hope you'll follow along, and motivate us to stick with it!

After 26 years together, our love for each other is still as strong as it was the day we met. This year, we'll renew and refresh the exhilaration of those early days - one date at a time.

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I meant flu! Not fly!


What a great idea! Charlie and I would love to get on your schedule! We are looking to try fun, new experiences as well! Just as soon as I kick the fly!!!


Glad to hear you both are in good health now. Hope you plan more activities that call for costumes, those native hats were adorable!

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